The LION CBRN MT94 provides vapor, liquid, and FR protection for chem/bio incidents and is certified to meet NFPA 1994/Class 2 and NFPA 1992. The MT94 guards against exposure to hazardous waste, drug labs, biological threats, and domestic terrorism agents.

  • Rugged GORE™ CHEMPAK® Ultra Barrier fabric features thin, lightweight, and high-strength PTFE film sandwiched within tough DuPont™ Nomex® outer and inner layers.
  • Streamlined design and light weight deliver optimum comfort and natural freedom of movement.
  • Rugged construction allows you to perform in the most challenging of circumstances.
  • Re-usable for multiple wears and washings, if not exposed or contaminated.
  • Certified for use with Gore G9492 gloves and OnGuard HAZMAX® 87012 Boots.
  • Navy or tan color.
  • Hook and loop belt loops to hold equipment belt securely.
  • ID patches on chest and shoulders for hook and loop mounted badges.
  • Roomy thigh pockets.
  • Hook and loop wrist and leg cuff adjustments for secure fit.
  • NTOA Member Tested and Recommended
  • Hot Zone and Warm Zone

There are two major threat levels for CBRN incidents for which LION makes specific garments – Hot Zone operations and Warm Zone operations. The type of zone depends on the type of chemical or liquid hazard to which an emergency responder may be exposed and the concentration of those chemicals. Hot Zones are defined as being Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health and require the use of a protective ensemble with an SCBA. Warm Zones are identified as being below IDLH levels but still pose a significant threat and require the use of a respirator as part of the protective ensemble.

Each ensemble is rigorously tested for protection against various chemicals and biological threats. These tests evaluate the penetration and permeation resistance for complete ensembles to chemicals and chemical vapors. Permeation occurs when a substance moves through a fabric on a chemical level. Penetration is when a substance moves via interfaces such as seams and tears in fabric.